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Day 4 Getting answers to prayers

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Have you ever prayed a specific prayer, one that asked God if you are to go in one particular direction? I did, and I couldn't believe the results.

As I have previously said, the most challenging season I ever went through was when my Dad passed away, and my Mom, who has dementia, wanted to stay in her home a thousand miles away from me for a year. We talked on Day 3 about how my Aunt called Sunday night asking if it was a good idea for Mom to stay on her own. I think God set up that conversation to plant the seed in my Mom's mind about living on her own in Florida.

Monday morning came, and things were different. My Mom usually doesn't come out of her room until she's completely ready for the day, dressed, hair, and makeup all done. But this Monday morning, she came out in her bathrobe, her hair undone, no makeup and her eyes were red like she had been crying. I was cautious with what words came out of my mouth. I said, "So what's going on this morning?" She said, "I don't think I can do this." I was thinking; we have to get on an airplane tomorrow. What do you mean? Instead, I said, "OK, what are we talking about here?" She said as she paced, "Why would I stay here?" There's no one here for me anymore. You'll worry about me, and I'll worry about you. I should just come home with you." I was dumbfounded and beyond shocked. I ran and hugged her. We sat and talked about our next move.

I never thought about my prayer until I walked into my bedroom and saw my Bible sitting on my bed. I looked and pointed up and said, "It was you; you did this!" I had to sit down before I collapsed. I started to praise God. Thank you, Lord, Thank you. Thank you! I sat for a few minutes in praise and thankfulness, tears filling my eyes. He had answered my prayer. God is so good.

Even though with Mom's dementia, she forgot it was her idea to come back with me, I was OK with moving forward. God had already told me what my mission was. Learning how to pray specific prayers takes some thought and discernment to come up with the right words, but this is how I get my answers now, and so far, adding God into my decision-making process in my life has all turned out exceptionally well. Trust in Him to give you the correct answers, and remember God has three of them, Yes, No, or not right now. God keeps things out of reach when we are not quite ready for them yet. I'm learning not to give up, though. Knowing that it could still happen and it's not right now is better than not at all. Trust and believe God will guide you to the right time.

Let's pray,

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for your Word, showing us the direction to go in our lives. Thank you for showing us how to communicate with you and letting us know your will. When you are with us, nothing can come against us, Lord. Thank you for showing us the way to You. So we can do Your will here on earth. In Jesus' holy name, we pray. Amen.

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